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Anatomical Society, HIMS

Hind Institute of Medical Sciences, Safedabad, Barabanki.

Anatomical Society, HIMS Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow ...

Anatomical Society, HIMS was founded in the Year 2011 by Dr. Naresh Chandra Goel, the Head of Department of Department of Anatomy, Hind Institute of Medical Sciences, with the permission of Hon`ble Chairperson of Hind Institute of Medical Sciences, Dr. Richa Mishra.

Under the Patronship of Prof. (Dr.) M.D. Tripathi, Principal, Presidentship of Prof. (Dr.) Naresh Chandra, and guidance of Dr. Alka Singh & Dr. Indra Kumar Patel, both members of faculty at Department of Anatomy, the Society was founded during the Academic year 2010-2011 (MBBS Batch-II) with the initial contribution of the faculty members and Nill contribution from the students. Though many activities could not be carried out in this year due to a very short span of time between the inception of society and the closure of the Academic year 2010-2011, but the Society somehow managed to organize various competitions such as Chart & Model Competition etc.

After the entry of Batch 2011-12 (MBBS Batch-III) in the Month of August, the transition phase began in the history of Anatomical Society, HIMS. The academic year commenced on 16th August, 2011 and the Executive Committee of the Anatomical Society, HIMS was prepared within a week’s time with Pranjal Agarwal, unanimously elected as the Secretary of the society. Within a month’s time few important jobs such as framing of constitution of society, opening of Bank Account, establishment of Society’s Library for students, starting of Annual Seminar Competition etc were done. With physical and financial contribution of both the Student Members and the Members of Faculty of Department of Anatomy, within this academic year society was built up to a level, such that its existence could be sensed by each individual at Hind Institute of Medical Sciences campus & outside. Bulk of books were donated to the society by the Members of faculty and surplus to it new & important books such as Gray’s Anatomy were purchased by the society, to help students get magnified knowledge of the subject for Undergraduate as well as for Pre-PG examinations. The Society organized its Annual Function in the month of July, 2014 following the various competitions such as Chart & Model making, Annual Seminar Final Competition etc. The launch of First Annual Journal, published by Anatomical Society, HIMS on the topic “Clinical Anatomy” marked as a benchmark in the contribution of the Batch 2011-2012 to the history of Anatomical Society, HIMS. On the day of Annual Function of the society, the executive committee of this batch, according to the constitution of the society, resigned from their portfolios, which were left vacant for the next batch to come and occupy.

Their came the beginning of Academic Year 2012-2013 (MBBS Batch-IV). The Academic Year commenced on 16thAugust,2012, with Executive Committee of Anatomical Society getting framed in the first fortnight. Shivendra Pati Tripathi, was elected as the Secretary of the society for this Academic session. During this year, in addition to the previous activities done by the society, new activities such as Dissection competition, Debate competition etc were done. Bones were purchased by the society, to provide more stock of bones to the students in addition to the bones already possessed by the department. To enhance the knowledge in the subject of Anatomy, newer books and Atlases of Anatomy were purchased to enrich the library of the Society. This Academic session ended with Debate Competition on the Topic “Modern Vs Conventional Methods of Teaching” & the glamorous launch of the 2nd Annual Journal of Anatomical Society, HIMS on the theme “Clinical Neuroanatomy” that too in Semi-Colored version.

The Independence week of the Year 2013, marked with the commencement of new Academic Session 2013-2014 (MBBS Batch –V). Pranav Kumar Dwivedi was elected as the Secretary of Anatomical Society, HIMS for this current session. The first quarter of this year marked with a new upgradation to the Anatomical Society, HIMS which was launch of the Society’s website www.ashims.com  . The President then called for a Meeting of the Members of the Executive Committee, in which the Secretary’s of previous batches 2011 & 2012 Pranjal Agarwal & Shivendra Pati Tripathi were invited as guests. In this meeting, it was passed by the members through a resolution, that a “Web Development Committee” of Anatomical Society, HIMS would be framed which would consist of all the Previous Secretary’s as well as the Current Secretary of Anatomical Society, HIMS and they would look after the updations of the website from time to time. Continuing to find better ways to enrich the Society, this Batch of MBBS 1st Professional is still working hard to do its best. This batch is working now, to launch an Annual Journal on the topic “Clinical Embryology” by the end of this Academic session.